Another Day in Hell Remix

The Last Words Of A Sad and Pathetic Hero is the very last song from the double album "PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE", released in 2022 by Manic Depression Records and Icy Cold Records. This music video, as well closes a chapter in the group's career.

It explores the themes of death, fatherhood, family and love. It plunges us into the complex world of a hero, a magnificent loser, a character that audiences have been following since the band's eponymous debut album. With its poignant lyrics, the ultimate lament of an anti-hero, and a haunting melody carried by guitars reminiscent of a certain Nino Rotta (The Godfather), this song promises to touch hearts and stay in minds.

It has been entirely shot at the Chapelle Expiatoire in Paris, a memorial dedicated to the victims of the French Revolution, in particular the royal couple Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, and its construction between 1815 and 1826 adds an extra dimension to the historical depth of this artistic project.

Directed, once again, by talented French photographer and video artist Anaïs Novembre, this new JE T'AIME video offers a complete artistic experience, combining music, story and striking visuals. It's a moving tribute to both the band's music and the story that inspired this ambitious project.


"AGGRESSIVE+AGGRESSION" is the final augmented part of a trilogy started by the eponymous album of the band JE T’AIME.
It is also the album awaited by the band’s fanbase as either a confirmation of their talent, or as their fall as a short-lived phenomemon. We follow the evolution of the same antihero, whom we had left in bad shape in the previous album. But is he all that fictional tough ?
He appears to look more and more like a common avatar of the 3 musicians. The tone hardens, the atmosphere becomes more melancholic, and the lyrics embrace bitterness and anger.

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"It's a very intimate song, and despite the symbolic charge of its setting filled with history, it's this intimacy that I'm evoking here.
It's a sincere simplicity, a total stripping down; my job this time was to completely erase myself, leaving behind the frills, the hidden languages. Leaving only the cold beauty of the tragedy of this last track."

Anaïs Novembre is a french photographer and director, and long-time partner of JE T'AIME, for whom she has produced numerous visuals and music videos.



"Our last double album "PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE", talks about the "Peter Pan syndrome" and the difficulty of growing up. Our main character is constantly caught up in the past, repeats the same mistakes over and over again, and ends up not being able to move forward in his life.
It is no mystery that the band's music constantly looks for influences in the past 80’s for that reason.

On this record, we felt the need to find how to mix our 3 personnalities but keeping it coherent. That gives a more complex sound, but still catchy, dark and open at the same time, to bring life to the lyrics based on our own stories. We're definitely not only killing a fictional character, but also closing a trilogy, and signing the end of an era for us in this song."


I can’t feel the sun on my skin
Perhaps I’m in winter
I no longer hear the storm
Perhaps I've gone deaf

Can’t see your beautiful hair
Perhaps I’ve gone blind
I cannot feel my heart beating
I must have screwed up again

A kiss I’m in hell
A kiss I’m in hell
Dry your tears

I can't see your beautiful smile
Perhaps you're too tired of me
I wish I could have told you
A lot of things like this