Another Day in Hell Remix

Another Day in Hell was the first single from the double album "PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE", released in 2021 by Manic Depression Records and Icy Cold Records.

In the clip, the song's dark, intense lyrics came to life in the empty streets of Paris during the confinment.
As the band wandered through this surreal atmosphere, made possible only by the dramatic state of the world at the time, it expressed the frustration and pain of a listener under lockdown, struggling with loneliness and discovering an insatiable longing for love and connection.

The black-and-white images captured the depth of these emotions, while the iconic monuments of Paris served as silent witnesses to this distress.

Today, 3 years later, JE T'AIME is celebrating the remix of this song by delving into its archives and producing a new version of this clip with never-before-seen images from this unique shoot.


Following the success of the first part, "PASSIVE", of their double album, a reissue was quickly planned by Manic Depression Records and Icy Cold Records. The band decided to add a fully remixed version of the 10 tracks, "PASSION", to this edition.

For the sake of coherence, and against current remix habits, they asked a single artist, Zus, to give his complete vision of the album. They thought this would keep the album homogeneous, but they didn't count on Zus' madness... 

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Already used to various genres bending and twisting inside the band öOoOoOoOoOoZus (aka Baptiste Bertrand) has been doing remixes for about a decade. Usually trying not to been trapped in only one musical genre in his own works as for the remix he does, he often completely reshape the songs he's given in order to present them as new completely original ones. 



"Working on “PASSION” was like taking the love of 80's music these guys put into their songs, and in my case prolonging it to the 90's, from trip-hop, IDM, a bit of industrial or even big beat to name a few.
The goal was to bring back to another vision of goth and dark dancefloors, the ones you could see in Hollywood movies at the end of 90s. I talk about this glorious era (or not so glorious) where leather, latex, lasers, fangs and sunglasses in nightclubs were a thing.With their catchy vocals and riffs, the original songs on “PASSIVE” were a whole material for crafting a total new album. It was delightful to work on this one and I hope the guys from JE T'AIME don't regret the day they gave me trust to take care of their songs. To be honest, I think they were pretty drunk at the moment they asked me to do so."

Watch the original video from 2021


I’ll kiss the ground and kill another singing bird,
I’ll kiss the ground and kill then for fun I’ll die,
Hiding behind the walls of my room I yearn,
For you
Hiding behind the screen for hours for days,
I cry


Another day in hell
The scene of a crime
A dead end
And I would always pray
And always beg
But I’ll never get rid of you


This sickness carries you, away to kiss the moon,
This sickness drives me mad I’m falling down,
I could have kissed your sky i could have kissed your star,
I could have played your game and licked the cloud,
For what?